Running and Strength Coaching 

Adam's Ultramarathon Race Results

2017 Great Naseby Water Race 100 Miles 18hours 14 2nd Overall.

2018 NorthBurn 100 Miles 26 hours 44 3rd Overall.

2019 Riverhead Backyard - Assist (2nd) 189km 28 Hours. 

2019 Crush The Cargill - Winner and Record 17 Summits / 145km 9690m vertical

2020 Riverhead Backyard - Winner 234.5KM 35 Hours

2022 Revenant Adventure Run - Last person running 32 Hours / 3rd Loop Checkpoint 2. No finishers. 

2023 Revenant Adventure Run - 2nd Last person running 43 Hours / 3rd Loop CP 7. No finishers. 

AerobicEdge Coached Athletes Results and Records

2020 1st Maureen Stachowicz Course Record Valley Ultra

2021 Te Araroa Fastest Female Brooke Thomas 57 days

2021 1st Hannah Lund Aorangi Undulator

2022 Length of NZ Road Record - Emma Timmis 20 days 17 hours

2022 1st Open Female Hannah Lund - Coast to Coast

2022 1st Ben Taylor Inaugural Race Tekapo 50km

2022 NZ Backyard Ultra Assist (2nd) Scott Bougen 45 hours / 301.5km


2023 Last Person Standing – Shannon Rhodes 25 Hours / 167km Pigs Backyard


I currently provide coaching to a range of people. I have clients that are training for their first 5km run, Ultramarathoners signed up for 200-mile races, Military and Police personnel who are looking at being the best of the best as well as people looking to stay healthy and keep in shape. My training prescription for these clients varies greatly and includes: aerobic/anaerobic conditioning, strength training, race strategies/tips, guidelines on nutrition and energy systems. All of the training I provide is based on YOUR individual goals and YOUR strengths and weaknesses. Be more Savage today and sign up to build your engine and crush your goals. AerobicEdge Coach Adam Keen - Pic 2018 Finishing Northburn 100mile Ultra.